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2015-05-30 16:51:00 CEST

Poreč - City of mosaics

Top 5 most attractive destinations, activities and events you simply can't miss if you visit Poreč. Poreč is a town located in the heart of the western coast of Istria. It represents an amazing combination of tradition, culture, sports and night life, so it's not so surprising that it is also called the ''City of mosaics''.

Poreč is more than 2000 years old, and is famous by its numerous historic buildings and churches that date back to the Byzantine,Venetian and Roman times. Apart from being a city of history, Poreč is also a city of sports, and it offers its visitors a variety of recreational and adventurous activities such as beach volleyball, tennis, football , horse riding, cycling, paintball, water skiing and much more. For many years, Poreč has also been known as one of the main destinations for the preparation and training of professional and recreational athletes .

 Although there are so many things we could put on our list of favourites, we're bringing you the top 5 most attractive destinations, activities and events that you can not miss if the path leads you to Poreč.

1. Old town and its historic sites

Localized on a small peninsula close to the sea, the old town of Poreč has preserved its appearance of an ancient Roman city. The streets are mostly symmetrical , and the most famous is Decumanus Maximus, which stretches from east to west and leads to the main square Marafor, and Cardo Maximus , which connects the northern and western part of the city.

Probably the most visited historic building in Poreč is Euphrasian Basilica, one of the most beautiful preserved monuments of early Byzantine art in the Mediterranean . It was built in the 6th century , and in 1997 it became the UNESCO's  World Cultural Heritage. Other historical attractions definitely worth visiting are the Temple of Neptune , House of Two Saints , Palace Zuccato and Istrian Council House .

2. Beaches, bars and clubs

What kind of a vacation would it be without beautiful beaches? Poreč area is surrounded by beaches, bays and crystal clear sea. Twenty percent of the beaches in Croatia awarded with blue flag are situated in Poreč. Some of the most popular are the City beach, beach Brulo, Oliva on St. Nikola island and Crnika beach . Each of them offers various facilities for a comfortable all-day stay . There are restaurants and bars, many sports and recreational fields, such as tennis, table tennis and mini golf courts , bicycle tracks , pedal boats , jet skis....

Watching sunset with a glass of vine, or partying all night long? Poreč made sure there is no lack of fun. Lounge bars, beach bars and clubs are located at every step of the way and provide a good pastime, especially if we're talking about the nightlife. The most popular clubs are Byblos, Tequila, Saint & Sinner, Villa Club, Old time and Epoque .

3. Local events and festivals

The historical festival of Giostra sends Poreč back in the 18th century and the Baroque period. The festival was launched in 2007 with the aim of protecting intangible cultural heritage and reviving the rich history of the city center. Through clothes, music, dancing , games and food, Giostra annually reminds everyone how the town once lived and how entertaining it was.

For nearly 20 years, the lapidary of the Regional Museum of Porec is home to jazz . Live concerts, known as the " Jazz in Lap " gather every year more and more jazz and blues fans.

May is certainly month of wine celebration. The biggest and most famous  wine festivals are Vinistra, Open days of wine cellars and Malvasia Fest. On these days, the wine manufacturers open the doors to their empires and provide an all day experience for all visitors.

Poreč is also known for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as bike races, Poreč Triathlon or the biggest Adriatic swimming marathon – Porečki Delfin.

4. The Beauty of Nature

The Baredine Caves, located only 6 kilometres from Poreč near Nova Vas, are prepared for visits by tourists and can be viewed up to a depth of 60 metres with professional guides.  As a speleological site it is rich in hanging stalactites and growing stalagmites, icicle-like columns, underground halls and the presence of water which allowed for the survival of the olm or proteus and other cave fauna, and it represents a true natural geomorphologic phenomenon.

5. Sport and Recreation

In June, Poreč has the honor of hosting the first Swatch Beach Volleyball Major Series tournament. Poreč Major is already on the list of the top 10 events of the year in Croatia. This surely is the best possible scenario for an unforgettable summer.

Ski- lift is one of the most entertaining recreational attractions in Poreč. It is a one-of-a-kind in Istria, and the 700-meter-long sea cableway has seven speeds and is adaptable for beginners, but also experienced recreationists who are not far away from professionalism. The ride includes 10 rounds, either on skis or wakeboard, and with professional instructors it is very easy to acquire all the necessary skills.

Poreč is also a popular destination among cyclists, whether professionals or amateurs. Many professional teams from around the world gather in early spring and start preparing for the various cycling competitions held each year, such as a one-day professional race, called the Poreč Trophy. Visitors especially love the recreational bicycle path along Zelena Laguna, which is adapted to absolutely everyone, and a view that stretches along the entire route is really amazing.

Some will relax on the beach, some will playing sports, and for all those who love the adrenaline, Poreč and its surroundings offer skydiving, tandem jumps and a variety of panoramic flights. Fun is guaranteed!

Poreč Major

From June 2-7 Poreč has the honor of hosting the opening of the most prestigious beach volleyball series Swatch Beach Volleyball Major Series. Poreč Major will see 64 of the world's best teams play for the incredible $800.000 prize money. For accommodation, please visit our partners' pages:

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