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2017-06-26 14:23:00 CEST

Meet the Poreč Major heroes: Bečić/Radanović

Our Croatian insider sits down and chats with leading Croatian women’s team

Sara Radanović (in blue, left) in action at last year's Poreč Major with Samanta Farbis.Sara Radanović (in blue, left) in action at last year's Poreč Major with Samanta Farbis.

Two Croatian women's team are secured of a place in the Poreč Major main draw with Dina Bečić and Sara Radanović expected to carry the hopes of the home nation during the tournament.

Both have experienced the thrill of playing at the Poreč Major before both one of the best beach volleyball players in Croatia, these two girls never played together.

We sat down and found out more about the Croatian stars and what makes them tick.

Swatch Major Series: What was the best piece of advice you’ve been given by your coach?

Dina: Have fun!

Sara: There are a lot of them


SMS: Who or what pulled you in beach volleyball?

Dina: Sun, sand and sea!

Sara: It started as filling up the summer, because I've been playing indoor volleyball already, and then sea, sun, people and the whole atmosphere around court make the rest J


SMS: What’s been the best moment of your career so far?

Dina: Every moment has been the best!

Sara: I have two moments: first is winning the Croatian beach volleyball championship with Zrinka Šutalo when I was 16, and the second was playing Poreč Major with Samanta Fabris last year.


SMS: Which volleyball player would you like to play with?

Dina: Tom Logan

Sara: Martina Matić


SMS: What is your favorite sport to watch other than beach volleyball?

Dina: Basketball

Sara: Handball


SMS: Who is your favorite, and who is the loudest supporter?

Dina: My nephew, but he is a more theatrical audience J

Sara: My favorite support are my coach Dean Kljajić, boyfriend Ivan Đorđević and best friend Ivona Obajdin, and she is also the loudest one



SMS: How does communication with a partner after a defeat look like?

Dina: Wait, we must lose something first!

Sara: First we cool down, take a swim, and then we talk what we do wrong and how can we improve it before the next match.


SMS: What are the best things of this sport?

Dina: The good sides are sun, sand and sea!

Sara: The good sides are tournaments, because you can meet a lot of new and interesting people there, and of course see, travels and happiness.



SMS: Describe yourself in five words.

Dina: That's too many words for me!

Sara: Cute, happy, athletic, sleepyhead, realistic



SMS: What is your biggest vice?

Dina: Chocolate

Sara: Gummy bears


SMS: What was your favorite subject at school?

Dina: Math

Sara: Chemistry



SMS: How many pair of shoes you have?

Dina: Too much

Sara: Uff, too much, around 15


SMS: The most beautiful male beach volleyball player is...

Dina: Josip Pribanić (CRO)

Sara: Ivan Đorđević (CRO)


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