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2017-06-09 09:00:00 CEST

Poreč Dictionary: Your specialized beach volleyball phrasebook

All the Croatian you need to know in one place

The Poreč Major is fast approaching and beach volleyball players and fans will all be flocking to the Croatian summer holiday paradise – Poreč, for the action-packed, first-class Swatch Major Series tournament. 

But, not so fast you guys, we’ve thought it all through (with you in mind, obvs) – and we’ve compiled a specialized list of Croatian phrases that you can memorize and use for the Poreč Major, you know, to get around and such.

Look at them Mexican waving… Mexican waving all day long. Photocredit: Predrag VuckoviLook at them Mexican waving… Mexican waving all day long. Photocredit: Predrag Vuckovi



Of course I’m supposed to be on Center Court.

Naravno da bih trebao/trebala biti na centralnom terenu.

Which hotel is Dalhausser staying in?

U kojem hotelu je Dalhausser?

No, this is not Cerutti’s stuff and I am not pretending to be Bruno Schmidt… Please don’t arrest me.

Ne, ovo uopće nisu Ceruttijeve stvari i ne glumim da sam Bruno Schmidt… Molim Vas nemojte me uhititi.

What’s there to do for fun? 

Što tamo ima za zabaviti se?

Cheeseburger, no cheese, no onions and no tomatoes please.

Cheeseburger, bez sira, bez luka i bez rajčice molim.

How you doing? (Think Joey from Friends)

Kako si?

What’s the Wi-Fi password?

Koja je šifra za Wi-Fi?

I’ll have a vegan eggs benedict.

Ja ću veganska Benedikt jaja.

Extra avocado please.

S više avokada molim.

Lifeguard! Lifeguard!

Spasilac! Spasilac!

Yes it’s real.

Da, to je stvarno.



Let’s do the Mexican wave

Napravimo meksički val

Who’s winning?

Tko pobjeđuje?

Wow! Did you see that dive?

Wow! Jesi li vidio tu obranu?

That was a spectacular serve.

Ovo je bio spektakularan servis.

I’m hungry.

Gladan sam./Gladna sam.

Please could I have one of what I’m pointing at – in red?

Molim Vas mogu li dobiti ovo što pokazujem – u crvenom.

One bus ticket please.

Jednu kartu za autobus molim.

Sand, sand everywhere.

Pijesak, pijesak posvuda.

I’m thirsty.

Žedan sam./Žedna sam.

Where can I buy sulfate-free shampoo?

Gdje mogu kupiti šampon bez sulfata?

It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.

Postaje vruće pa skinite svu odjeću.

Is that a beach volleyball in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me.

Je li to odbojka na pijesku u tvom džepu? Ili si samo sretan što me vidiš?

I like my men like I like my volleyballs… 

Volim svoje muškarce kao što volim svoje odbojkaške lopte…

Can you tell me how to sneak into the VIP section?

Možeš li mi reći kako se mogu ušuljati u VIP zonu?


 Ready for the #PorecMajor like… Photocredit: Bernhard Horst Ready for the #PorecMajor like… Photocredit: Bernhard Horst

We also wrote a piece on what not to do on Center Court – to reacquaint yourself click here.

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